My Sessions

I travel around the country telling stories in a variety of places: schools, nurseries, museums, galleries and at festivals. I always have my guitar at hand as I find that nothing goes better together than story and a song! I believe that a storytelling session should be a sharing of ideas and emotions between the storyteller and the audience, but mostly for me it's about everyone having fun and feeling good!

My Stories

I love telling all kinds of stories: Scottish, Irish, tales from cultures around the world, myths and legends, weird and wonderful tales... if there is a theme you would like to cover just ask!
I tell stories to all ages, from nursesry to adults, though more often than not you'll find me in primary schools. And don't expect to be sitting quietly listening all the time, there will be plenty of chances to join in helping to tell the tales!

What the audience thought...

"A fantastic session of interactive storytelling, the children just wanted to hear more! A great way to bring our project to life." Mrs.D Primary teacher

"I loved those stories, escially because you got to join in." Jenny P3

"This session of storytelling from Fergus was a great way to help the children experience the magic of a live storyteller... they were transfixed!" Mrs. M Headteacher

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