What is 'Bloomin' Rubbish!'?

Bloomin Rubbish is a pop up recycling project originally devised by Deirdre Nelson & Frances Priest in association with Covepark. In 2014 at the Edinburgh international Book Festival Frances (AKA Betsy Bottletop) was joined by Gordon Greenfinger (AKA Fergus) to blend the recycling arts and crafts with environmental themed stories and songs.

What we do...

We take non-recyclable bottle tops and have children use them to create a stunning variety of flowers, bees and caterpillars. These can then be used to transform drab outdoor areas into stunning all-weather eco art displays. Along with this we tell stories and sing songs with an environmental message. The art installation can then be used as a springboard into story creation and writing.

Get in touch:

You can contact us on:

Fergus: 07910 221556

Frances:t: 07879 636358
e: mail@francespriest.co.uk

Check out the project on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloominrubbish

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